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Everyone who visits the Policy Futures Network (PFN) website can access basic content. If you are interested in becoming a PFN Member so you can access more indepth content about policy research, ideas, and frameworks, you should complete and submit the registration form below. (If you are already a PFN Member and you’re logged into this website, then the registration form does not appear below.)

Everyone who completes the registration form will become a Regular Member. At present, there is no charge to be a Regular Member.

If, in addition, you would like to be considered as a Contributing Member, please click the checkbox (immediately after the Password field) indicating that PFN should contact you about becoming a Contributing Member. At present, there is no charge to be a Contributing Member.

If you are already a Regular Member and are considering becoming a Contributing Member, click the checkbox on Your Account > Profile Settings page indicating that PFN should contact you about Contributing Membership. Or send an email to PFN by email at

Regular Members can:

  • Access premium content
  • Engage in discussions with other PFN Members by commenting on articles and posts (subject to approval)

Contributing Members can:

  • Access premium content and comment on articles and posts (like Regular Members)
  • Submit original or third-party content to be published on the PFN website
  • Join PFN Project Teams to develop long-term Policy Frameworks, which will present a range of perspectives on Key Topics

Go to the About PFN page to learn more about the benefits of becoming a PFN Member. Also, before registering, please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions, please contact PFN by email at or contact Harry Conaway, Executive Director.

Updated: November 24, 2020

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